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Finally. Or, in other words, At Last!
Thursday, August 31, 2006
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I noticed just now as I was leaving a comment on someone else's blog that the Blogger team has finally fixed the comment bug, so now I can log in properly. This greatly pleases me.

So one of my roommates has now earned her 'nym. I call her, "Ice Queen." This is because of the icy glares and silence she gives me every time I'm near her. She has yet to utter more than two words to me at a time. Generally she just grunts and glares and me. Sort of like a pig, really, but that's not nice, and she's quite good looking. Not that pigs aren't, it's just that -generally speaking- being compared to a pig is not very complimentary. (Speaking of pigs, I'd like a pet one someday. You know, one of those varieties that don't grow very large. Walking, grunting food storage!)

I'm still working on a name for other roommate. I was thinking of "Bubbles," but I don't even know which Power Puff Girl that is, and I don't even like PPGs. They annoy the bugoogers out of me, like most (if not all) shows on that station. So then I was thinking Ducky, but I think I've already got a Ducky. And Love Duck (whom I know longer dwell with, thank goodness). So I can't have any more ducks. I guess I just need to get to know her better before I can 'nym 'er.

My last roommate I have yet to meet. She's been in Texas for a while, so I know nothing about her. I thought she was supposed to get back today, but I haven't seen her yet, so I'm guessing that's a lie.

I won this today off of eBay. It makes me enormously happy. One of the girls at Card Club made a card with these stamps and two other ones a few months ago that I fell in love with and decided that I had to have the stamps that she used. I'm still in the process of accumulating the other two stamps. All four of them are "retired," so it's been a little trickier than I had previously thought it would be to get them.

I am exhausted! Work today was much busier. The shift before me swiped 210 cards- when I left, the counter was up to over 690! This really wasn't that very tiring of a thing to take care of. I mean, I just mostly sit there moving my arm back and forth unless someone asks me a question, at which time I move my jaw open and closed and my tongue up and down so that I may answer their question. I think the reason why I am so tired is because I helped Wonderland get herself situated in her new apartment until midnight last night, so I didn't get to bed until after one, then I woke up at eight and couldn't fall back asleep again. Tomorrow, though, I work at eight, so I had really better get to bed soon.

Maybe I'll go do that now.

Behold, the Muse

One of Those days
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
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There are some days when a person could really use a hug from someone NOT a roommate.

This might be one of them. I haven't decided yet.

Behold, the Muse

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So, I added the divider to help you know when a new post begins. Yea or Nay?

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All about the Pecking Order
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So, I'm moved. Yesterday I finished emptying the last of my boxes. I just have a few little things that don't have a place to live in my bedroom, yet. It's hard to go from something large to something this small, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be. It already feels more homey than WP ever felt. And it smells the same as it did two years ago when I lived here. While I didn't get to have my old bedroom back, I did at least get my second choice0 Kalierly's room. All the glued on paint reminds me of her every time I look at the walls, too.

But now I have to deal with (at least) two roommates who aren't used to sharing space. The kitchen is a disaster with very limited storage space because no one shares cupboards. Sharing cupboards makes so much more sense to me than not. You can put all the spices and whatnot that everyone owns in one, cookbooks in another, cereals etc. in one, chips.... And the fridge is a mess, too! I think there might be things growing in there, which is really gross. I'm not too sure it's been cleaned out since I left a year ago. It's so chock full that there is no where for me to even put my milk. I find this rather frustrating. And iritating. Rather. Enough so that I don't dare talk to my roommates until I have calmed down a little (not that it really matters, only one of them is home right now and I might as well wait until the other one gets home- will need to come up with names for them...). I'm more than likely going to end up buying one of those compact refridgerators from the Devil O' Walmart once I can get some help lugging it up my stairs.

I don't really feel like my roommates like me. Sure, I've only been here for two days, but it's all rather... awkward. Me being the shy person that I am, they probably both think I'm just a snob or something. I do not know how to deal with situations like this very well. So, bottom like is, I'm lonely. Not that this is terribly abnormal (believe it or not), but it's different than usual just because I don't know anyone around me in the first place.

Work was... yeah. It was. I scanned approximately 300 cards (some more than once) and got very used to saying, "Can I help you find something?" and, "What are you looking for?" and, "Straight back," and, "Far corner on this side," and, last but not least, "That's in the other room." Tomorrow I take a book or something else to keep myself entertained. 100 people an hour is actually pretty slow.

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Svithe o' Simplicity: Doing our best
Sunday, August 27, 2006
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(I didn't come up with this.)

" 'Arise, therefore, and be doing, and the Lord will be with
you.' [See 1 Chronicles 22:16.]

"I have found nothing in the battle of life that has been of more value to me than to perform the duty of today to the best of my ability; and I know that where young men do this, they will be better prepared for the labors of tomorrow."

( Heber J. Grant, in Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Heber J. Grant [2002], 114)

Behold, the Muse

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Enter the Kingdom
Thursday, August 24, 2006
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The Kingdom of Loathing, that is! (see title if this statement made no sense to you)

This is the funniest and most true statement ever- for today (italicized):

"As you round a bend in a corridor in Noob Cave, you encounter an angry-looking ogre standing next to a pile of skulls. One at a time, he picks up the skulls and cracks them with a hammer, before throwing them back into the pile.

"All of a sudden, he turns in your direction, grunting "What's that ruckus?" You briefly consider asking him to describe the ruckus, but decide instead that discretion is the better part of not getting your skull cracked. You climb up through the acoustical tiling and start making your way back toward the entrance of the cave.

"On the way, you start making up a joke about a cave with acoustical tiling, but you don't quite make it to the punchline before you lose interest."

Behold, the Muse

I danced with you once upon a dream!
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
♦ 8/23/2006 01:08:00 PM 4 comments

I had the Best. Dream. Ever. last night.It was kind of weird, though, because it had Antonio Banderas in it and we were ballroom dancing. I don't even LIKE Antonio Banderas (I don't hate him, either; I'm just not like Love Duck who fawns over him), and I couldn't ballroom dance to save my life. I don't even remember what made it such a good dream. All I know is that I was really upset about waking up.

Behold, the Muse

Apply yourself
♦ 8/23/2006 12:46:00 AM 3 comments

So February is fast approaching. I know, I know. You're thinking, "No it's not! It's still five months away!" But for us pre-art program people, it's fast approaching! It is now time to apply myself so that Myself might apply for Photography. This is NOT an easy major to get into and one can only apply twice in one's time attending this University. I believe they let about 20 people in a year, but am not entirely sure on that number. All I know is that it's a very SMALL amount. Your chances of getting rejected are greater than being embraced in the Artists' Circle of... Art. It now becomes understandable that I am starting to stress a little, especially as I really should have been working on it over the summer instead of just sitting on my buttocks doing practically nothing all day/traveling back and forth from Santa Horhe.

Here's the thing. I was talking to a Sister in my ward who was recently accepted into the program but rejected their offer in favor of a different program that is, apparently, about as hard to get into. However, she did give me some advice for my application (here's to hoping she actually remembers to show me a copy of the squiggle paper). Apparently it is a good thing to look like a well-rounded artist so, when it comes to one's slides, one should put in other mediums other than Photography. I'm finding this to be somewhat of a challenge. I haven't drawn much of anything since my Sr. Year of high school. This was a good few years ago, and the last thing I drew is pictured here (see also my reference photo for comparative reasons). So, here's the deal. I'm looking for ideas on things to draw etc. I am also contemplating doing a painting, but I'm really unsure about this. Suggestions and honest criticism/encouragement at this point (and for the next five months or until I get in) will be greatly appreciated!

Behold, the Muse

I think, therefore I'm single
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
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I am sooo full. Dad is up in SLC this week for conferences and stuff so he drove back down to Cougar Town tonight to take me to dinner. We went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and now I am SO FULL that I feel as if I am about to burst! But dang, was it good! Browned Butter and Mazithra (Mizithra?) Cheese, Sourdough bread, Strawberry Lemonade (much better than P.F. Chang's!), and Spamoni! Mm! I heart spamoni. It's like, the best.

I have accomplished quite a lot of packing. The living room is slowly being encroached upon by boxes and suitcases that I've filled and piled up out there. Love Duck says I can use one of her suitcases to pack things in, too, should I need it, and I'm sure I will because I still have some clothes left in my closet and no where to pack them. Of course, these are mostly clothes that I'll be wearing until I move, but all the same. And I have a gazillion hangers and many a shoe to pack as well. And the entire kitchen. Gah! This is getting to be so exhausting! Fobs, I don't envy you moving clear to Seattle.

Speaking of all this moving, I called the SBitBoM today and they said that Perky hasn't moved out yet and probably won't be moving out until Friday, so I should just plan on moving in on Monday. This is sort of annoying because it limits the help I can receive, but there really isn't much I can do about it. If the apartment passes their cleaning checks, though, then there is a small, teeny-tiny possibility that I will be able to move in on Saturday, but Dad says just to plan on Monday because he wants to go home Thursday night. Can't say I really blame him, but all the same, it's still a bit annoying to me.

I'll be glad to move, though. I'm getting sort of excited to have my old room again or, if not that, at least my Kalearly's old room. Or Em's. Or Perky's. That's even the order I prefer them in. I'm pretty sure Perky is in Kalearly's old room right now, though, so. Of course, if the gal who is currently in my old room wants to give it up for me to get away from the noisy road, I won't complain! I heart that road and I love it's noise and I used to love being able to look out my window at night and look down at it.

Right. Well, I'd better contemplate packing some more. There's still plenty to be done before next week.

P.S. This new beta version of the spell check totally rocks!

Behold, the Muse

Monday, August 21, 2006
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I've been changing a lot of things. Sort of. My display name being one of them. Just so you don't get confused and think that someone else has suddenly taken over my blog. Because, nope, it's just me.

And I decided that "it" is such a weird word. You just can't get away from saying it. Er.. "it." And it doesn't really cary any meaning, does it? See what I mean?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking about as I was driving home from Smith's where I had to get some packing tape because 1) I didn't have any previous to this trip and 2) I've got three boxes that are currently very flat and 3) two other boxes that need to be taped shut.

Behold, the Muse

Two Go
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Guess who has a Job with One Stop?

Behold, the Muse

Life's a laugh... Or something
Sunday, August 20, 2006
♦ 8/20/2006 11:18:00 PM 5 comments

I have the beta now. Ha! Suckers.

No, really, I do.

And I was told to my face for the first time ever that I am intimidating. Hahahahaha.

Behold, the Muse

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I wanted to svithe, but I don't know what to svithe about tonight. So.... I'll insert a plug for keeping a journal. Because you should. Which reminds me of a song from My Turn on Earth that I watched and listen to all the time growing up.

"I'm the one who writes my own story
I decide the person I'll be
What goes in the plot
and what will not
Is pretty much up to me.

But just in case I need to erase
it was figured out before
A thing called repentance
Can wipe out a sentance
A page or a chapter or more."

Behold, the Muse

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Thursday, August 17, 2006
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Work was long today. All five hours of it. And my feet kill because I was standing most of the time. And no one knows how to measure their head. I think I prolly had about 20/200 people that had actually ordered the right size cap.

Anyway, seeing all those caps for graduation got me thinking of the last time I saw them- my own high school graduation. I have decided that I couldn't be happier to be out of that phase of life. I hated it with a great passion. I was miserable. There was a lot of drama in those three years of my life. I had some great friends then, though, who helped me get through it all, even though most of them probably had no idea what was going on inside my head. Admittedly, some of those same friends made the days even worse at times, but we always worked things out and life (at least that part) was good again. (Until a year ago this month. About. But that's a whole different story that I'm not going to go into.) As I was thinking about all my friends in high school, I decided that I'd probably rather disappoint quite a few of them, based off their blogs where they talk about, you know, everything. Like Vedma who says she believes in Magic, or Heiress and Ducky who only talk to me on occasion because of some stupid misunderstanding last year. And Lessie, Z, and Mudsies. Not to mention a few of my cousins. The thing is, we've all gone our different ways. That's not a bad thing, really. It's good that we change, grow, and develop our own opinions. The problem lies in the fact that there are times when our opinions clash so hard and fast that things start falling apart. And I'm not who I used to be, but they don't always take that into account. Then, when I bring it up (after enduring things for hours and hours, days, and weeks, etc. and not being able to take it any more) it offends them.

My Toshi's fan keeps making weird noises. It is making me nervous. I may have to go into The Evil Best Buy before my warranty dies and have them take a look at it. It just started doing it today. My sister things something might be lodged back there or that it is just really dusty and needs to be cleaned out. I'm hoping that it's the latter, but you never know. Especially with things I own; they tend to be temperamental. Especially when it comes to Toshi. Silly Toshi. Sigh. That's what I get for shopping at Best Buy. Next time, I buy directly from the manufacturer. (We should all boycott Best Buy. That would teach them! Stop putting adware on my computer! Give me the dang Window's program and not some copy of it! Gosh!)

I have two boxes. Monday I may get more. I move in approximately nine days. Love Duck gets back in four. Phbtt.

Behold, the Muse

Evil things
Wednesday, August 16, 2006
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MStar Metro
High heels in an airport
Walmart (because you have to include that on any list of evil things)
MStar Metro
Graduation ceremonies. UGH

And did I mention MStar Metro?

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Employment. Again.
Tuesday, August 15, 2006
♦ 8/15/2006 01:37:00 PM 2 comments

Did I tell you they cut my hours? Well, they did. Stupid people who over-staff the work scene. Gosh.

Anyway, I may possibly end up with a job interview for ONE STOP tomorrow, if I email the people back, but I don't know for sure if I could make it because I am in Santa Horhe at this exact moment. So probably not. Because I don'tknow that I can get back to Cougarville before noon and still be alive. I'd prolly fall asleep at the wheel and die.

However, Build-a-Bear is coming to University Mall! This excites me on many levels, but (at this moment) mostly because I also have an interview with them Saturday in front of Nordstrom's. Hoorah!

In the mean time, I shall be spending a lot of time being bored for hours on end and sleeping, with an occasional meal here and there. Oh, and packing (I still need boxes, if you have any you want to donate to my cause). I've got a lot of that to do. Saddly, I'll prolly have to leave most of the kitchen stuff out until the day of the move just because I pretty much own the entire kitchen, but oh well. Or I could force my roommates to start buying their own supplies, I guess. I mean, it's not like they can rely on my forever! That would be incredibly naive of them. And stupid.

I'm begining to see the benefits of being too poor to own many things.

Move: approx 11 days
Classes start: three weeks from today
Working Days left of employment: 3 (tops. I expect it to drop down to 2)

Is my sidebar missing anything of old that you absolutely would love to have back?

Behold, the Muse

Saturday, August 12, 2006
♦ 8/12/2006 11:06:00 AM 2 comments

If you find any, let me know. I think I might be done now.
Behold, the Muse

Friday, August 11, 2006
♦ 8/11/2006 11:17:00 PM 3 comments

How do I keep comments from showing up on the main blog page, any one know?

Other than that, I think I'm pretty well satisfied.

Behold, the Muse

♦ 8/11/2006 10:16:00 PM 1 comments

I'm still tweaking the code. Be patient, m'kay?

I was so sick of the last template. Don't hate me!

Behold, the Muse

I see... Stars
♦ 8/11/2006 08:55:00 PM 1 comments

So I'm a Taurus, right? (Rhetorical question, no need to answer. Seriously.) Anywho, I found this (see graphic) online (of course) and busted up in snickers (not the candy bar, but those are yummy).

To correct the fallacy in this: 1)I am not Patient, nor have I ever been. 2)I've never been described as "Placid" in my life (dood, have you seen me in my kitchen when it's a mess? Or when things aren't perfect? Straight? Orderly? Aligned?). Huh.

Yeah, ok, so the rest works out OK. I think. Correct me if I'm wrong.

So, my internet keeps dying on me. This is so annoying. I think it has something to do with the weather. Either way, I've had enough of it and would like it to live.

I am SO BORED. Just in case you've missed that point in previous posts. SO bored. Mom is flying up tomorrow so that we can take Grandpa Birds* out to P.F. Chang's for an early birthday lunch (Grandma Birds* will be there, too- which reminds me, I need to take Uncle Sesame Street's* video with me). And, what I truly believe to be the real reason, to entertain me. Maybe we'll go shopping or something. My wardrobe has been sufficiently depleted ever since last weekend when I gave a good portion of my old, small-fitting clothes to my younger cousin, Mr. Grinch's Favorite Who*. I have a few more shirts for her, too. And I really need some pants. I'd like another pair of capris, too.

Which further reminds me, does anyone know where to find Michelle Virtue's blog (manager of CC&F)?

I watched Monk tonight. Good show, good show. I think the only reason I like it so much is because I relate so well.

I have the "Huggies Clean Team!" jingle stuck in my head. How annoying.

Pretty much I'm just waiting for my internet to connect again. Then I'll post this.

The Time Machine came in the mail today. I watched it. It was good.

And, oh yeah again, I'm flying home with Mum after Church on Sunday, I think. So I won't be Svithing, yet again. Which is really sad because I just now started up (as in this past Sunday, if you didn't notice) and was really expecting to do it every week. Maybe I'll just Svithe early.

It lives! Posting in 5....4.....3.....2....1....

*names have been changed, not that any of you know any of them.

Behold, the Muse

Risk Safety and management. Or something.
♦ 8/11/2006 11:46:00 AM 0 comments

I am now Van Certified! Woo Hoo! This means I can drive one of those cool, ugly BYU Pligrigs on Campus sidewalks (are anywhere else for that matter). Actually, I prolly shouldn't refer to it as a Pligrig, but that's what I've grown up calling the large passenger vans. Hmm. I think I can drive other campus vehicles, too, but I'm not positive. The best part of all this? I get payed for going to the class! 9:50-11:05. I HAVE to remember that so I can put it on my time card. I suppose I should have asked Eileen if they need any more people on Monday for Distribution, but I didn't. Maybe I'll email them. Mom wants me to go home with her (she's coming up tomorrow), and I sort of want to, but sort of not. It's just such a hassle.

I think my Orchids need new food. Potting chips. Whatever. I should do that today, especially since I haven't really anything better to do.

Anywho. That's all.

For now, anyway.

Behold, the Muse

18 days
Wednesday, August 09, 2006
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I can't wait to move. I want to meet new people and make new friends and get out of here! I want to be more involved with LIFE, and I want something to do because I'm soooooo overly exageratedly bored! I need to see people. Spend time with them. People other than my roommates who drive me bonkers (great girls, but I'd rather not house with them anymore).

P.S. Does anyone have any large boxes I could use for a while? I'd get them back to you by the 29 (at the lastest).
Behold, the Muse

Time Travel
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I shouldn't have, but I did it any way. I bought this off of Amazon MarketPlace. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a good deal, and $6.00 including shipping, gosh darn golly, but who can beat a price like that? (Besides, it's basically the only way I can get mail- sending it to myself.) Hopefully it will get here before the end of the week. I heart that movie and I haven't seen it in over a year. The music is pretty fab as well.

So the first day of employment was OK. They over-staffed the Alumni Asso., so we got everything that needed to be done in three days done in one. This means I don't work again until next Thursday. This cuts about ten hours from my pay check, and I'm not real pleased about that, but whatever. Not much to be done about it. I'm thinking I might go hime for a few days again, just because I don't really have much else to do. Not until after Sunday, though, because tomorrow night I have card club and I've only got three Sundays left in this ward (not to mention that I can't stand the Death Marches they sing every week in my home ward).

But I do want to go home.

But I might not.

I'd hate to leave Ukraine all by herself.

But I'm bored.


I'll decide later.

Behold, the Muse

The Truck Comes Tomorrow
Tuesday, August 08, 2006
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I have my first day of work in three years starting tomorrow from 9 am until 3 pm. We're unloading the trucks with all the regalia. Oh, boy! (Actually, technically today was the first day, but it was only half an hour of training. 32 minutes, if you want to be exact, which I shall be on my time card.)

Love Duck heads home tomorrow to get her wisdom teeth out Thursday. I do not envy her. Been there, done that.

I'm going to bed, and I hope this ear ache leaves before morning.

Behold, the Muse

Monday, August 07, 2006
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I just realized something last night as I was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep.

Fievel is an illegal alien!

Behold, the Muse

♦ 8/07/2006 01:16:00 AM 0 comments

I am addicted to blogger!

Also, my Aunt had her baby this past week. Girl. Healthy. What a relief! Hopefully she weighs more than the three pounds she weighed three weeks ago (the baby, not my Aunt).

Behold, the Muse

It's a Svithe!
Sunday, August 06, 2006
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Yeah, haven't done this in a while! Behold, my repentance.

Today in Church we were talking about Trials. We all have them, whether or not we want them (which, you know, most people don't).

I remember reading a quote somewhere by someone (real descriptive, but it's almost midnight and, hey, that zucchini bread is going to my head it was so good) saying that our trials are more fair than we think. Some times we look at someone and think, "They have it so easy! Why can't they get through that? I could do that!" In reality, though, we are all tested to our greatest ability, I believe. Some trials look easy to others when, really, their just as hard as Other's own trial for that person. Know what I am saying?

However, this isn't to say that we cannot overcome any given trial. I believe that all trials can be dealt with. And, let it be noted that when I say "overcome," I don't mean that the trial will completely go away. I don't think that's the way it works. For instance, there have been many instances in my life where I've gone through a trial of deep depression. I still have to deal with it, but I know that with the Lord's help and through the power of the Atonement, I can make it through and I will be able to keep dealing with it. The effects of some of the choices I have made while in these ruts will never go away and have become their own little trials; they're not going to go away, but they can become tools of learning.

I believe that if we truly want to overcome something than we can. It saddens me to see people that stop believing they can change the course of their trials to become a learning experience; to watch them through things away just for the worldy pleasures rather than getting through whatever it is to earn the Eternal treasures. But, you know, you're never truly lost, just gone astray, and you can always return.

Anyway, sort of went off on a tangent there. Trials are always going to be a part of our lives. That is why we are here. We chose this! One sister in Relief Society today shared a story with us about her younger brother and sister (or maybe it was niece and nephew? Doesn't matter). One FHE they were learning about life and trials and how we came to this earth for the experience of pain and suffering but also joy and happiness. We did choose it. She then went on to say that a few days later the little girl was playing outside when she fell down and skinned her knee. As she was crying on the driveway, the little boy came up to her and said, "Enter name here, you chose this! You chose to come to earth to experience pain! So you should stop crying and thank Heavenly Father for letting you skin your knee!" Yes, kind of cute and funny, but I also think it's true. We should thank God for letting us learn by experience, even when it requires going through tough times. And, you know? I think that maybe praying for Trials isn't such a bad thing. God will help us through anything. He can do everything.

As He once said, "I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you," (John 14:18).
Behold, the Muse

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Hitting the Snooze
Saturday, August 05, 2006
♦ 8/05/2006 04:59:00 AM 2 comments

I can't sleep. It's five AM (give or take a few minutes) and I've been awake for an hour now. At least. This is the second night in a row where I have been unable to get an adequite amount of sleep, and I can't even figure a reason for it! I am (almost) highly upset (but not really, because that would require feeling awake, which is entirely different than being awake)!

Did I mention that my Pirates of the Caribbean 3 disk collection arrived in the mail this week? (Possibly it was last week, but I wasn't here to receive it then.) It makes me happy, although someone stupid put a stupid sticker on the case that says "Not for individual Sale" that I couldn't get all the way off. So, me being me, I swapped my parents' case for this one. They'll never know. Heck, they haven't even seen their copy of the dvd for, like, a year now.

So, Love Duck rented this movie from the Library the other day called "The House on Haunted Hill." It's a really old B&W and really cheesey. She put it in as soon as it "got dark enough" and we started watching it (this was this past evening). This was until 'Nada showed up, at which event Love Duck left me sitting on the couch, knitting a baby blessing bonnet (say that ten times fast!), watching this.... dare I call it horror?... flick. Apparently it used to scare her when she was little, but I just laughed through most of it because it was SOOOO obvious that old geezer lady was a wax doll. She had to have been.

The ward is going on a Temple trip this morning to do Baptisms for the Dead (P.S., you should check out the Church's beta site). Generally I would jump at the opportunity, but as I've already been awake for over an hour, and I have to drive up to the City of the Salted Lake this afternoon, and my "eyelid dandruff" (that's what that rash is, according to my doc) has decided to annoy me again this morning (It stings like the dickens! And Itches! And I am uberly greatful for Hydracortizone!), *sigh* I just don't think that I want to get up at 7:00 to go.

I'm going to attempt sleep again. My brain is still fuzzy in its farther-most reaches, so maybe that means sleep isn't TOO far away, hmm?
Behold, the Muse

I filled a perscription today
Thursday, August 03, 2006
♦ 8/03/2006 10:18:00 PM 3 comments

$50 for six pills! What is up with that?

Behold, the Muse

Behold, the best commercial ever
♦ 8/03/2006 10:02:00 PM 0 comments

You should see my Grandpa telling about it.

Behold, the Muse

Can you Rate my Professors?
♦ 8/03/2006 02:44:00 PM 1 comments

(Yes, I already looked at afor mentioned website. I'd just like your input, dear reader, if you have one.)

Adcock, Dana -HFL 110
Brooks, Kent -REL C234
Hunter, Norah -PAS 112
Israelsen, Craig -HFL 260
Young, Margaret -ENGL 218R

Behold, the Muse

♦ 8/03/2006 11:08:00 AM 0 comments

I want to read " SUITE FRANCAISE" by IRENE NEMIROVSKY. I think. Know anything about it?
Behold, the Muse

And then I'll smash it with a hammer!
Tuesday, August 01, 2006
♦ 8/01/2006 11:49:00 PM 3 comments

Spider's have a secret they've been trying to keep hidden. A very dark, cruel, malicious secret. They can play possom! Yes, I have seen it for my very eyes! Not ten minutes ago a squashed my own spider (I'd say it's prolly the 13th one ever) only to come back into my room and find it running around again! After I had checked to make sure it was dead! Enter Hammer. POMP! Spider very flat. I wonder how I'll get it out of the carpet?

Behold, the Muse

Front! Side! Wait.. umm.. Back?
♦ 8/01/2006 08:42:00 PM 3 comments

Yes, I have returned at last to Cougar Town. After being away for three weeks, I decided it was probably time to come back, even though I Didn't. Really. Want. To. Do. It. And now that I have returned and the first news to enter my ears was, "Hey, guess what, we're having our very first ever cleaning check on Friday!" I have come to the conclusion that I should have waited to return until Saturday or maybe even Monday.

Ah, well.

Employment begins for the first time in almost four years next Tuesday. Except the schedule they sent out really makes no sence as she never listed the hours or days on it. Just.... blocks of coded color. Er... Ok. So, I show up when, exactly?

I move in 27 days.

Behold, the Muse


"I think I know how it is to be grown up; it's when you feel how someone feels that isn't you." -Frances Griffiths

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